History of Miller Family Farms

Rodney Miller was raised on a farm in Franklin County IL owned by his father, Gene Miller, along with 3 brothers and a sister. It was a much harder life then on a farm, but he learned how to farm, raise livestock, and developed his lifelong love of farm equipment and specifically International Harvester eq.

Kendra Miller (Hubbs) grew up on a smaller farm near Thompsonville, IL, still in Franklin County, IL. He dad, Orval Hubbs, was a coal miner and part time farmer. Rodney and Kendra met on. A blind date and were married in 1978.

Miller Family Farms was Originated by Rodney and Kendra Miller in 1978 near Benton, IL. We still operate that farm but added the Ocilla, GA location in 2011.

MFF has farmed row crops such as corn, milo, soybeans, oats, barley, and wheat (among a few others) since that time both in Illinois and GA. We also have raised cattle, horses, ponies, goats, and hogs much of that time. When we first started in 1978, we farrowed and fattened out hogs on a fairly large scale. That industry kind of died in the 80’s with the advent of packer owned hog operations although we still raised some off and on thru the years.

We maintained a cattle operation most of the time through the years raising locker beefs for sale in Illinois. That operation moved to Ga over time. Rodney has grown grains and hay all his adult life and is knowledgeable in most areas of agriculture as far as row crops and livestock operations as well as animal science.

The Millers have 3 children: Lindsey, Mallory, and Reid. In turn they also have 7 grandchildren: Lili, Knox, River, Miller, Mayer, Graham, and Hunter Kate who love the farm, animals and tractors.

MFF has am extensive collection of IH tractors and equipment as well as old signs and memorobilia.

New in 2023, Miller Family Farms is proud to now offer excavation services such as land clearing, demolition, and debris removal. With the use of the best equipment, we guarantee satisfaction on every job. 

Miller Family Farms is a natural farm that believes in soil conservation and good farming practices that preserve the soil and vegetation for the next generations.

The Millers also own and founded Buford Corn Maze, the largest agritourism destination in the Atlanta Metro area. You can learn more at www.bufordcornmaze.com

Rodney is founder and co-host, with Jann Carl, formerly of Entertainment tonight for 14 years, of the national syndicated TV show, Small Town Big Deal. STBD is on over 300 stations across America as well as RFD-TV and the armed forces network and just recently signed streaming deals. STBD has been on the air for over 11 years since 2012.

Rodney and Kendra live on the farm as well as their son and his wife and children in GA.

We are always grateful for visitors and enjoy showing folks the farm and our antique equipment that is still in operation.

All that Kendra and I have is because of Jesus Christ and his Mercy and Grace. Nothing is because of what we have done. “Except God build the house they labor in vain which build it.” Ps. 127:1. Without his Salvation, our greatest gift, we are lost and dying and headed to Hell. With HIS forgiveness and Grace, we have life everlasting. John 3:16